eKYC Platform
eKYC is an online platform designed to automate and digitise your KYC compliance process with both your employees and your clients. The eKYC platform allows you to automate the collection of compliance documents and communications from the client.
Document Scanning
Digitising paper documents into secure and accessible electronic records. We are leading providers of high-quality, scanning services for your business. Reduce operational costs, save time & resources and utilise office space.
E-Document Management
We offer a one stop shop for businesses to make the transition from paperwork to paperless. Our electronic document management services include document management outsourcing, project management, system design, implementation, support, training and a whole range of business process services.
Offsite storage
Secure offsite storage space for all your documents and paperwork. Our secure offsite records storage facilities organise your paperwork where they are tagged and classified using your own terminology, tracked with RIFD labels, and made available on our intuitive web portal for quick access.
Hosting Solutions
Datacloud specialises in hosting solutions that are customisable, scalable, secure, and designed to reduce your IT management workload. Our application hosting services support a wide variety of apps and solutions which help you excel in today’s competitive market.
Cloud backups
We offer simple, scalable, secure and automated backup solutions designed to cater to the needs of Botswana’s modern business community. Secure your business’s most critical data from a range of our backup solutions.
Disaster recovery
We offer a simplified and cost effective alternative to traditional physical replication solutions. We provide, in a single framework, everything you need to coordinate all the activities that need to happen in order to achieve your recovery objectives.
Business continuity
Effective Business Continuity (BC) strategies rely on spreading risk, and building contingencies. Data Cloud recommends an integrated BC approach that includes automated, off-site backups such as our Secure Private Cloud Backup, AND a Contingent work Area.
Tidy files
From archiving solutions to filing, Tidy Files is renowned for its design, supply and implementation of solutions to declutter your office and organise your paperwork.
Scanners & Printers
We have a range of printers and scanners to suit your office needs. Chat to us about your requirements and we will recommend the best printer or scanner for your office.